My Successful Selenium Tutorial and Training Journey – Experience Sharing!

This post is Special- I would like to share the experiences of  my Super Successful Selenium tutorial and Selenium training journey by revealing all the  homework I have done behind the scenes to bring this Top notch Course for novice users across the world and impacting their career for the better.

Significance of automation testing ( What made me teach selenium webdriver tutorial course) :

Necessity  of Automation testing is increasing rapidly due to agile methodologies coming into lime lite with continuous production releases

There are many tools over there in the market which can support this automation. But what is the Best tool to pick with.. and what is the tool where whole IT industry is moving into?

Without any further thought, SELENIUM would answer to the above question

Why Selenium?

It’s for FREE. What all you need is 30 MB Data to download it from their official website.

You can use selenium in your comfortable language too..It may be Java, JavaScript, Python, C# (Currently these 4 are in popular use)

And one of the Unique features about this tool is that it supports all the available browsers in the market.

Who else can avoid the tool when all the above features are coming for free?

So how to Master this tool is Million dollar question to million dollar people.

Firstly to start with this tool, You need to have some basic java knowledge. When I say Basic. Yes, it’s only basic…There are tons of tutorials in the market which starts with java training and keep on talking about Java in depth  which complicates the learning process and students started  giving up on this before they actually start learning Selenium.

My Software Testing Training & Teaching Journey :

And for a change.. I just started one basic tutorial in 2015 with Selenium topic right from my  first lecture along with Java together. This brought a revolutionary change and 10,000 students signed up for this course in just a year. Wondering how??

When Selenium is  thought alongside Java- Students can actually correlate the usage of java in selenium and that made their job easy !

And next toughest task to handle is to  build Selenium framework. Tons of technologies and patterns available in the market to design framework for selenium, But how would a normal QA guy can grab all these tech topics… And then I made an experiment to teach this framework by building every component of in it from SCRATCH.  And it worked!!!  Do you know how?

When something is taught from very root level by  taking care of every minute concept – automatically Even difficult terms turn out to be easy and I have successfully  built by teaching this  gigantic framework from scratch  which made cake walk to students to understand and follow

So Selenium +  Java basics + Framework made this course so strong and reached out to all categories of people irrespective of background.

Now the latest tough  task I handled in recent time is Core java in-depth training.  Though the basic java is required to learn selenium, Interviewers are coming out with  deep java questions for selecting into automation position.. ( May be they don’t know selenium to ask questions on it)

I don’t want my students to look back in any place, So I created all necessary java concepts with practical real time examples and placed at the end of my course. So that Students can Master Selenium first , Framework next and then come to Core java depth learning . With all these steps by step approach of learning every student of mine on completion of this course are emerging as Strong Automation tester who can handle any Situation.

And this is how I and my students are equally  enjoying the huge success of this course. .. Oh, wait.. one more thing… I know some candidates are so keen on interview questions to gain confidence on themselves… After every section, I have dedicated one video on interview questions which summarize and brings all kind of possibility questions students may face  specific to that section. With these questions,Students can brush up their concepts learned in that particular section…Another big takeaway from this course is selenium webdriver interview question section which be of immense help to my students who are attending interviews for Selenium and automation testing positions.

And this is not End… I am closely monitoring QA Industry- And It is my duty to make my  students adapt and aware of all kind of updated technologies happening across the globe. So I have started one newsletter and will reach out to them every month on Latest QA news…

Not but not Least : We have a dedicated Support Desk of 5 people working in Top IT companies who will answer all your queries in process of your learning.

Just drop a question and we will get back to you with answer in just 12 hours 🙂

So finally You are reading this blog.. because you want to kick start or update your QA skills.

What are you waiting for-  Sign up today in my Complete Selenium training course and join the club of more than ten thousand active learners in the course forum . This is not just another software testing training course, but a complete package, if studied  and practiced diligently by following the roadmap shared in this course will give you upper hand in getting that coveted automation testing job.

This pretty much sums up about my Selenium Teaching experience. Now it’s time to answer my student queries. See you again with another post in our next newsletter.

Thank you. – Wish you all the Best in your learning journey and once again Welcome to QAClick Academy– The Testing school.




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