Learn SoapUI testing by automating a dummy application

SoapUI download / installation Process:-


  • Click on the second link appeared in the google search
  • Click on “Download open source” link
  • Once the executable file download to the system, page will display with instruction to install SoapUI via downloaded exe file.


Once downloading and installation of Latest version of SoapUI completes:-

  1. Go to the desktop and click on the SoapUI icon
  2. Once the SoapUI opens , click on FileàNew Soap Project
  3. A pop window appears on the screen (Screenshot #1)


4. Popup window has 2 text field which needs to be filled

4.1) Project name: – the name should be given as per our convenience & should be           understandable

4.2) Initial WSDL: – any WSDL URL (WSDL: Web services Description Language; pronounced as “Wizdull”) which need to be imported for testing of web service.

E.g.:- http://test.com/testWS/qa.asmx?WSDL

Note: – URL mentioned is just for an idea .WSDL can be get from developer team as QA do not need to know much inside about this URL

5. After entering the above necessary details , click on Ok button

6. The project will be displayed (Screenshot #2)


The details about the component displayed are as follows:-

  • Project name (given in step #4.1)
  • Entry point (present in the WSDL )
  • Methods
  • Soap Request (is an XML document i.e. Extensible Mark-up Language) which will fetch the details
  • When we click on Soap Request , Request window opens , the details are :-


  • pan contains XML request where we will pass the parameter for which we need to fetch the details via WSDL
  • Right pan is for response of request
  • Green button is for submitting the request

Details of XML request elements:-




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