Launching QAClickAcademy Blog and Looking Back at Our Early Days!

We are living in exciting times and with the advent of the digital economy, there has been a widespread democratization of education.

Anybody having a Computer/Mobile with an Internet connection can hook into the internet, search for knowledge, apply in their work and can change their life for better. Millions of life have changed for good.

Essentially flip side of Internet for people seeking knowledge through this medium are faced with Information overload. There are umpteen resources, millions of websites, blogs, articles on any topic we can imagine and the internet being an open playfield, there are good and bad apples and it’s difficult to vet these resources.

Millions of engineers are churned out from Universities and Colleges every year and with many finding it hard to get jobs after graduation, they fall prey to cunning designs of institutes and job agencies promising them jobs once they complete an IT course or perhaps a Software Testing course. But the hard reality is most of these students who have taken these courses are not fit for the industry because they don’t have the latest industry relevant and practical skills needed for the current challenging work environment.

Having sat on the other side of the Interview panel, I understand the pain these engineers are going through fresh out from the college carrying flashy graduate degrees and multiple certificates from institutes and some of them even have taken up online courses.

I felt deeply about it and wanted to do something which I believe can impact thousands of lives. This is when QaClick Academy was born.

Timeline of events of QAClickAcademy:

2011: Started my first offline training  with 3 students in Bangalore, India from my dorm room and the training was well received.

Students wanted the video recordings on few difficult topics  to access them later for revision.

Based on the feedback from students, I  hosted the videos on youtube in private mode and shared them access

2012: Launched Selenium Online training courses and had 25 students joining it live.

2013:  Delivered Training to 40 online batches by training 125 students covering automation tools Selenium, Appium, and SoapUI.

2014: Created 3 top-notched and in-demand QA courses with over 4000 students joining in a year on Udemy.

2015: Launched QAClickAcademy Website by releasing 4 more QA courses where video library subscribers count increased to 10,000.

2016: Now successfully heading to 20,000 students and  with 10 top-notched QA courses under our belt. Tied up with 6 job consultancies for offering jobs in QA position for our students.

July 2016: Today is a big day for us, we have come a full circle. We are launching a QA and Software automation focussed blog where we plan to publish articles, Videos on various QA topics, latest Software testing industry trends, Certificate Preparations, Open job positions, Framework development and of course updates on the things we are working on.

I take this opportunity to welcome you all to our brand new blog. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay yourself updated on our latest offering’s, discount coupons for our courses and latest open positions.

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