How to use Marionette Driver in Selenium for Firefox browser

Marionette Driver: – We are having ChromeDriverServer and IEDriverServer executables for chrome and Internet Explorer browsers respectively, but for Firefox Browser – we didn’t have similar executable(Firefox driver was included in the selenium-server-stanalone.jar available in the downloads. The driver comes in the form of an xpi (firefox extension) which is added to the firefox profile when you start a new instance of FirefoxDriver.).

Now, we are having similar executable for FirefoxDriver as well, and it’s named as Marionette. Marionette, the next generation of FirefoxDriver, is nearing completion. (Note: – It’s not available in matured version yet.)


  • You will need Selenium 2.46.1 onwards to use Marionette.
  • The project has been renamed to geckodriver now.

How to Setup Marionette Executable?

Just like the other drivers available to Selenium from other browser vendors, Mozilla has released an executable that will run alongside the browser.

Executable can be downloaded from –

The Selenium client bindings will try to locate the geckodriver (or wires) executable. You will need to add the directory containing the executable to the system property.

Sample code:-



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